Flows and Funnels

All-In-One Platform

You don't need another website

You need leads, funnels, sales, pipelines, users, calendars, payments, tracking and more... All in one easy-to-use interface that makes running your business SIMPLE.

You need automations. That's how you turn visitors into leads, leads into paying customers, and customers into happy, repeat customers. We give you all of the services you need connected by drag-and-drop automated flows.


Create better websites and funnels with:

  •  Landing pages

  •  Opt-in pages

  •  Sales pages

  •  Sales funnels

  •  Pre-built website blocks

  •  Better SEO rankings

  •  Higher conversion rates

  •  More sales!


Automatically book calls and appointments with:

  •  Perfect timing

  •  No need to email back and forth

  •  Easy-to-create booking forms

  •  Team scheduling

  •  Payment collection

  •  Round-robin routing

  •  Customized logos and colors

  •  Booking reminders

  •  Automations based on user behavior


Collect leads and automatically follow up with:

  •  Lead capture forms

  •  Surveys

  •  Signature forms

  •  Answers trigger automations

  •  Customizable form fields

  •  Embeddable forms

  •  Segmented contacts based on answers


Send personalized emails at exactly the right time with:

  •  Built-in templates

  •  Newsletters

  •  Auto responders

  •  Product launch announcements

  •  World-class deliverability

  •  Professional email design

Phone Calls

Impress customers who call your business with:

  •  Interactive phone menus

  •  Missed call text backs

  •  Call recordings

  •  Trigger automations from calls

  •  Professional branding

  •  Forward calls to your personal number

  •  Choose to take calls or send them to voicemail

  •  Increase sales!


Keep customers engaged and increase sales with:

  •  Personalized SMS marketing

  •  Personalized MMS

  •  Notifications

  •  Sales announcements

  •  Split test SMS

  •  Automations based on customer behavior

  •  Dynamic variables for personalization


Build relationships that turn leads into customers with:

  •  Customer insights

  •  Manage every interaction

  •  Lead segmentations

  •  Organized customer journey

  •  Complete CRM system

  •  Click-to-call

  •  Click-to-email

  •  Click-to-SMS

  •  Increased productivity!


Communication with leads is easy and reliable with:

  •  Strong brand relationships

  •  Unified chat and messaging system

  •  Single login

  •  Chat widgets for your website

  •  Personalized customer interactions

  •  Multiple messaging channels in one interface

Sales Pipeline

Leads never slip through the cracks with:

  •  Lead movement through the pipeline

  •  Automated progression of leads

  •  No need to manually move leads through stages

  •  Link leads to calendars, inboxes, and teammates

  •  Tag leads based on their behavior

  •  Focus on leads that need your attention

  •  Assign teammates to categories of leads

  •  Nudge prospects that get stuck!


Do less manual work while earning more with:

  •  Fill your pipeline while you sleep

  •  Eliminate day-to-day busywork

  •  Automate lead flow

  •  Automate sales outreach

  •  Boost engagement

  •  Personalize automations for your business

  •  Trigger automations based on user behavior!

Flows and Funnels

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